Greta Lee Hair Removal

Eliminate Strong Androgen-driven Hair and See Your Beautiful Complexion

You're Beautiful
Match your inner beauty - feel and be beautiful. When you do, when you find that perfect match, life can feel exhilarating, freeing. Greta Lee takes joy in helping you do just that - enhancing your appearance on your path to feeling comfortable.  

Smooth All Over
Many transgender women are looking for a more permanent hair removal solution.  You are ofter faced with hair-related problems that shaving, waxing, threading and depilatory creams may not solve. For example, shaving leaves a stable and chemical depilatories may have undesired effects on the skin like dryness, discoloration or redness.

Greta Lee will help you choose either Laser or Electrolysis treatments for a more permanent solution to your hair growth dilemmas. She will also help you determine an easy, inexpensive maintenance program, if one is needed. Have smooth feminine skin!

  Problem areas seen most often at Greta Lee:

upper lip
chin and cheek growth

unibrows gone

Sideburns and Neck

Upper and Lower Body:
back and behinds

forearm, full arm, underarm, hands and fingers

thighs, full leg, feet and toes

Bikini Line:
removal of unwanted hair near the bikini line

Brazilian Bikini Line:
removal of all pubic hair close to the genitals

How can I schedule my free personal consultation and appointment?

Call: 1-480-686-6030

Treatment packages available. We are conveniently located in Scottsdale, AZ.


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