Greta Lee Hair Removal

Greta LeeNo hair color is too coarse, unruly or too challenging. 

Starting out as a lab technician in a physician’s office my career as a hair removal expert, began with learning the importance of proper sterilization.  It was there that I also discovered my passion for wanting to help those who were embarrassed about their hair growth.  

My thirst for knowledge has kept me “in the know” over the years as I constantly search for information on the latest and greatest techniques in hair removal.  Comfort and ease for my clients are of top priority.

Over 10 years ago, we expanded our services and added laser hair removal. It quickly became one of the most popular services we offer.  It’s fast, painless and longer lasting than traditional methods.

Skin rejuvenation was a natural addition to our services and is in high demand with our clients. No more age spots and spider veins!

We work on all areas of the face and body, with state-of-the-art equipment.  No area is too embarrassing!  Rest assured, we’ve seen and solved it all. 

If you care about personal, individualized treatment that focuses on your needs and issues, then Kierland Hair Removal is the specialist for you!

Call to schedule your no obligation consultation today: Call: 1-480-686-6030

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