Greta Lee Hair Removal


Greta Lee Hair Removal

For those times when you are the main attraction ...

What is special about Electrolysis?
Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal procedure recognized and approved by the FDA. It works well for any type of hair or skin color.

How does it work?
Electrolysis zeroes in on the hair follicle and with a fine electric probe that pulses the hair follicle at the root, eliminating the growth center. Hair is then removed with tweezers. It’s that simple.

Would I need more than one session?
Because hair grows at different stages - growing, resting and shedding - multiple sessions may be needed to get get the most effective results. As electrolysis has the best overall results, it may be your best method for removing hair for long periods of time - or even permanently!

Why not laser?
The light laser works best for those with darker hair. For those with blond, red and grey hair Greta usually recommends her very skilled electrolysis treatments.



How can I schedule my free personal consultation and appointment to determine what's right for me?
Call: 1-480-686-6030

Scottsdale has benefited from Greta's 30 years of experience as well as extensive training and background in the field. Greta and her staff take their time getting to know you, and your needs and are available to answer all your questions.


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